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Clean, Renewable Energy

Juneau Hydropower Inc. is committed to deliver independent and competitive priced clean and natural hydroelectric power to the Capital City of Juneau providing energy security and reducing long term dependency on fossil fuels.


Juneau Hydro Project Benefits

Bringing clean, renewable hydroelectric power to the city of Juneau has many benefits for the future of Alaska.  The Sweetheart Lake hydrofacility will:

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The Low-Carbon Energy Alternative

Hydro electricity is power generated by harnessing the power of moving water. The water does not necessarily have to be falling water, just moving water.

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Combating Global Warming

Many people wonder what they can do to help dampen the effects of the climate crisis. One method of doing so incorporates the usage of ‘clean' energy; that is, energy that does not contribute to the levels of greenhouse gas present in our atmosphere.

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Hydropower: A slumbering giant

Hydropower has been a slumbering giant in the energy game. Since the 1960s, its use has actually gone down compared to other energy sources. This is beginning to change. Hydropower As A Major Player In The Energy Game

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What is your Clean Energy Preference?

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